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Who are we?
That's a tough question for me alone to answer. I'll leave it up to the people themselves to answer that question, should they choose to. For now, I'll just list the nicks (and names) I know.
If you spend time at the channel on a regular basis, and want to share your bio, perhaps even a mugshot, with the rest of us, use the
guestbook to post it, with or without a link to an image file of your mug, and I'll move it into this section.

Remember the fan archive from seigmen.org? I might envoke the powers of the backend used on that archive for this 'who are we' section, should the need arise.
Time is also of the essence in that regard. Now would be a good time, later might not be a good time.

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Nicks (and names).
crom [Tommy]
malmklang [John], that's me.
Monsun [Henrik]
remiel [Christer]
sparta [Thomas]
tom [Tom]
ulv [Eirik]
Veon [Anders]
villkatt [June]