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What is the #Seigmen?
#Seigmen is an irc channel, found through the EFNet irc servers. To learn about EFNet and other networks, visit EFNet's homepage.
People use networks like EFNet to meet in chatrooms, or irc channels if you please. Usually chatrooms with some common ground, like a shared interest of cats or dogs, and in our chatroom, a devotion to the former Norwegian rock band, Seigmen.
When was #Seigmen started?
For all general purpose, at the end of the year 1998.
The channels reached its peak some time between 2000 and 2001. Currently there's just a few die-hard truthfuls left. I am confident it will rise up to previous glory again though.

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How to connect.
The most commonly used application is Mirc. Visit the official site for an extensive guide.
seigmen.com has a java irc client online, use it if you do not wish to install or download an application.

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Last words.
#Seigmen has no restrictions on neither topics nor language. Everyone is welcome, no need to learn the Norwegian language to join us.

Not every nick you will see on the channels are humans. We've got something called bots present too, which are channel safe-keepers, amongst other robotic functions.

Please sign #Seigmen's guestbook while visiting.