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Links, part one. - Not completed, gonna rule! - In development, former .org.
Korsfarer - Great site, extensive coverage.
Ohm - Untraditional, really worthwhile.
unknown - Articles, interviews and discography.
Colosseum - A pioneer.
A Monument - Also a pioneer.
DVD petition - Sign it!
Mailing list - Join now!

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Links, part two. - Former Seigmen members!
Nonestop Mentality - Fan site.

Its all about me
opelwerk - You know, ego trip....
malmklang - Another ego trip, not completed.

Midnight Choir - Norway's second treasure.
Dosertanker - Norwegian rock.
TÝmmermenn - Norwegian rock, heavy!!
Englebarn - Norwegian rock.
Turdus Musicus - Norwegian rock.