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Misc. stuff at Midnight Choir dot org.
All the stuff that doesn't warrant a category of it's own gets thrown in here. Links, fan artwork, background info about song titles, album names, screensavers, wallpapers etc. etc.
You know the drill, follow the links as they appear below.

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Other sights and sites.
Midnight Choir mailing list
Unsung street (fan site)
Official site
Bandindex (Portal)
Artpro AS (management)
S2 Records (label)
Glitterhouse (label, Germany)
Strinda Strings (Guest Musicians)
Spain (Spiritual)
Skiens Rock historie

Buy Midnight Choir records.
Free Record Shop (Norwegian)
Musikkonline (Norwegian)
Platekompaniet (Norwegian)
Bennis Music Shop (Norwegian)
Akers Mic (Norwegian)
Zailor (Norwegian)
Cd On (Scandinavian)
S2 Records Shop (Same as Musikkonline, possibly international)
Glitterhouse (German, international, Choir's German label)

Road To Choir (Screensaver)
ChoirAmp (Winamp Skin)
Choir Icons (Desktop Icons)
Choir wallpapers

How to use the Road To Choir screensaver
Unzip the downloaded zip file, then click twice, rapidly on the extracted .scr file.
Unzip and put it into the windows directory, preferrably the windows\system directory. Right-click somewhere on your desktop, choose settings from the context menu, then screensaver.
The Road To Choir screensaver should be amongst the other screensavers in the dropdown list. Select it, hit apply, then OK.

How to use the ChoirAmp
Put the downloaded ChoirAmp zip file into your Winamp skins directory. Activate your Winamp player, press ALT + S, choose ChoirAmp from the skins list.

How to use the Choir Icons
The zipfile contains 47 icons and has a total size of 107 Kb.
Unzip to a desired folder. Remember the location of the extracted file.
Locate an icon on your desktop, then right-click it.
Select properties from the context menu, and choose change icon.
Search through your hard disc and locate the folder in which you put your Choir icons.
Click once at the icon you would like to use, and hit the apply button down at the right of the box, then click OK.

Midnight Choir wallpapers (800x600)
Click the thumbnails to view full images.

Desktop Image no.1 Desktop Image no.2 Desktop Image no.3 Desktop Image no.4 Desktop Image no.5
Desktop Image no.6 Desktop Image no.7 Desktop Image no.8 Desktop Image no.9 Desktop Image no.10

Background Info.
Ever wonder if some of the song titles have historical referrences?
In any case, here's a small historical database that can be cross-referrenced to some of the songs of Midnight Choir.
You'll also find some background info on the painter Edgar Degas.
Cross-referrenced to Choir`s Dega`s Eyes (appears on the single October 8).

October 8
Dega`s Eyes
Painting by Matisse

About Olsen's Lot.
Were should I begin, I wonder. It's been such a long and strange journey from Rome to Babylon, to quote the master himself.
Olsen's Lot saw the light of day waay back in 1999 (late 1999), and has had three different faces, counting this new layout therein. It's been physically located on my private ISP's server up until just recently, when I took the final leap, bought the site a domain name of it's own.
Scripts and files have been scattered around whereever I had available space and scripting support. I'm tired of hosting scripts and files off-site, and thus, the result is a domain name and an account with more than enough space to hold the site's files and scripts.

The contents of this site should, given a little time and effort, be all that of the old site, and then some. I have a few new, exciting things cooking, but all good comes to those who wait, so, hang around for a while and behold the new world.

Now comes the boring biographic part of the about section, so everybody easily bored, turn away.
I've been a fan since the first album, titled Midnight Choir. This is also my favourite album. Perhaps not because it is Choir's best album, though I think it is in many ways, but most of all because it introduced me to this incredible band from my very own native country.
In 1998 (early 1998) I got my first computer. I'd been using a computer at school some time before I finally bought one, to have unlimited access to it, whenever I felt like surfing the web. That's basically what I did for a whole year, surf the web.
Then, after over a year of surfing and absorbing, I took it upon myself to do something about the lack of information about Midnight Choir on the world wide web. Mind you, back then, Midnight Choir was not that well known a band outside of little Norway, but still, I felt it was due time the band had some site devoted to their works.

And so it began... here we are, some 5 years later.

Credits and usage notes.
First of all, thank you Atle, Paal and Ron, for your incredible music and lyrics.

How to link to this site.
Allthough a text link is sufficient, you have the option to link to this site using a small link button. Right click the button below, choose save as, and upload it to your own server.
Please, do not link directly to this button.
Olsen's Lot - Link button

Random Midnight Choir Quote: You and me baby were born on the darkside. (Long Hard Ride - Olsen's Lot)