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Welcome to the new home of Olsen's Lot. A new, shorter and more memorable domain name, for your convenience. Does the layout look all out of wack? If so, read this.
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TOC (Table of contents).
The links above are, and holds, as follows:
Home - Nothing fancy, just a link back home.
News - Not in place yet, bu coming real soon, and you guessed it, it's gonna be all about news.
The band - Releases, soundclips, artwork, reviews.
Interactive - Guestbook, polls, forum, contact formular, The fan Archive and a mailing list.
Misc. - Links, shopping references, downloads, background info, about Olsen's Lot, credits and linkage instructions.

Things to do.
Finish the news section
Harvest reviews from the latest album
Fine tune the Fan Archive
Odds and ends regarding the page engine.

Random Midnight Choir Quote: All the killing has begun. (Snow In Berlin - Unsung Heroine)