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All things Midnight Choir.
This section is divided into several sub sections. One for each release (Albums), one for all singles, one for other recordings featuring Midnight Choir, and possibly a few more on a need-to-do basis. You'll find sound clips, album info, track listings, reviews and artwork within each sub section.
Links to these sub sections below.

There is no band biography here at Olsen's Lot. Erlend at Unsung Street has such a comprehensive and well documented band bio at his site, all you need to know about the band, from before they called themselves Midnight Choir, and up to today.

Furthermore, no lyrics reside on these pages.

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General articles/press coverage and concert reviews:
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Dedication - Midnight Choir, as described by 21 fans. Part of a contest held at Olsen's Lot a while ago.

Random Midnight Choir Quote: Jesus on the wall. (October 8 - Amsterdam Stranded)