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No harm is intended, it's just a different angle of approach as to the reason of the Seigmen split. Hope You enjoy it and don't take offence.

Strip 01 The fight takes place. Noralf and Alex kills Sverre, Kim drives the car.
Strip 03 Alex's mom is desperate, she's trying to call the cops. Fuck, you are NOT calling the cops on us, you hear??? Be silent or be prepared to meet your maker!
Strip 05 I gotta get this blood off of me, gotta. I just gotta....U, go away God dammit!
Strip 07 The hiding of Sverre's body. I hope they dig deep enough, don't think the world will understand why we did this.
Strip 08 Kim is feeling sick, he prays that God will forgive them for what they've just done. Tilgi oss for vi vet ikke hva vi gjr.
Strip 11 Alex is trying to explain to his mother why tings went down as they did. But mama, he was deserting. What else could we do? Think of all the fans that loves us and has no other reason for living than listening to us! He was truly the boy outside the family.
Strip 02 Sverre is dead. The boy outside the family. Marius is sleepy.
Strip 04 Marius is dancing for the soul of Sverre. Alle skal til himmelen, tenk f komme hjem.
Strip 06 I will not be a party to this killing...... I will not!!!!
Strip 08 Alex realizes what they've just done. Oh my God...... It all ends in oblivion........
Strip 10 Noralf looses his mind after participating in the killing of Sverre. I'm bad, I'm evil..... Muahaha hahaha haha.