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Let's celebrate the mordern end, let the world begin again!
Who could've known Kim's words would be so foresighted.

Seigmen As of now, Seigmen is the only revived band in the fan archive collective. Well, that is, Midnight Choir is sort of reunited too, though for live performances only, so far. Let's hope the other bands follow suit and faller ned ... blant menneskene. Igjen :)

these archives, all part of the fan archive collective, are kept unique (sort of) for each band, but share a common admin interface so that you, the fans, can log on from whichever archive to administer your admin tasks.

signing up for an account will not only make your fan statement known to the entire world. You will get tons of cool stuff, like a private message module and much more. Not all features are programmed yet, heck, not even all features are planned yet, but the news slot will be kept live and real for matters of such nature. There are also plans for cross-archive multi system (check!), where you can actually be a member of several fan archives, given the existing archives meet your musical preferences.

the Seigmen Fan Archive is loosely integrated with Seigmen.no. This gives an easy interface towards album and song information and soforth.

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Country of origin for the fans: Norway: 11, Germany: 5, Not stated: 3, Russia: 1, united states: 1, Norge: 1,

Top favorite songs

Ohm (from Total) : 4
Frost-Bite (from Various Other) : 3
Fra X Til Døden (from Pluto) : 2
Döderlein (from Total) : 2

Top favorite albums

Total Total : 13
Radiowaves Radiowaves : 3
Metropolis Metropolis : 2

4 songs stated as favorite song by two or more fans, of a total of 13 songs selected from database.

3 albums stated as favorite album by two or more fans, of a total of 7 albums selected from database.

32 years young is the average age of the fans.

Number of male fans: 16
Number of female fans: 5
Number of genderless fans: 1

Number of fans: 22