Some notes on using the Opera web-browser with these pages.
The new Olsen's Lot makes use of a relativly new css technique called overflow. This technique was chosen after carefully considering the other options at hand. Iframe was/is such an option, but a couple of drawbacks within this technology made it inconsistent with my requirements for accessibility.

Now, Browsing Olsen's Lot with Opera will not constitute any serious loss of performance if the Opera version used is current (Version 7). However, older versions will render some of the bigger pages semi-inaccessable, contents expanding beyond first view will not be viewable.

A quick fix for this problem is to mark a portion of the text, then using the mouse (left mouse button pressed), move down until the non-viewable contents becomes visible.
A slightly more complicated fix for this particular problem is making a separate set of pages, Opera-friendly pages. Should the demand for such custom pages arise, I will of course do my best to meet the demand.

A poll regarding this issue will be launced shortly, examining the need for such custom pages.

Though it is preffered, for your viewing pleasure, that you upgrade your Opera version to the current release before you proceed, you may now continue to the main page.

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