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Welcome to the Midnight Choir Fan Archive

To celebrate, remember and to keep the dream alive!
In Midnight Choir's music we find hope and comfort. We recognize much of the suffering, we yearn for release. A steady companion, and a steady companion we are.

Site slogan Two things are important for this place. The music of Midnight Choir and us, the fans.

This is the new and improved Midnight Choir fan archive. The old one is dead and buried. No funeral of hearts. If you had a profile in the old archive, you will not be able to restore it. It was easier that way, to delete all the old stuff and start fresh. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Signing up for an account will not only make your fan statement known to the entire world. You will get tons of cool stuff, like a private message module and much more. Not all features are programmed yet, heck, not even all features are planned yet, but the news slot will be kept live and real for matters of such nature. There are also plans for cross-archive multi system (check!), where you actually can be a member of several fan archives, given the existing archives meet your musical preferences.

the Midnight Choir Fan Archive is loosely integrated with Olsen's Lot. This gives an easy interface towards album information and soforth.

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