John Frost-bite Slettjord (malmklang) - Kjeldebotn, Norway

About John Frost-bite Slettjord and Midnight Choir

It all started back in '94

I bought Choir's first album almost as a joke. I'd heard of them on the radio or somewhere else, I can't remember really, and I knew they were Norwegian. And the band name sounded cool too. I think I even liked how the album looked. All factors that made me buy it, without knowing anything about the music itself.
Ihad my first Ford Taunus at the time, a champagne colored beast! I wish I still had that car. A lot of memories and states of mind. So, I was kind of in between schools, and had a lot of time to drive around town, cruising and kicking back. Played a lot of music with my Denon cd player. I had Boston Accoustics 6x9 speakers that sounded like a dream, driven by that player. In fact, my two favourite bands are Norwegian, and became favourite bands in that car.
Since then I've been a dedicated follower, though I never got the chance to expirience them live. Their tour schedule always skipped my town and money has been scarce on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, when my other favourite band reunited in 2005, I made money available, though no money was there to be made available, really, and travelled several 1000 kilometers to be there. If Midnight Choir reunites, I will do the same.

I've been running Olsen's Lot, the fan site, since '99. Although, the last couple of years, there's not been much happening on the site and the maintainance has been kept to a minimum. I hope to do a redesign and also include some information on solo projects.

What about John Frost-bite Slettjord

Coming soon!

This is the hard part. I remember a couple of years back, I started working on my first personal homepage for a very long time. I'd mostly done service sites and helped on sites of aquaintances and friends, served as an internet handyman. When it got to the point where I had to write the introduction text, I was stuck for a great while.
I hate writing about myself and my life. I don't presume that my life is that interesting for other people than, well, my family, and perhaps not even them.

So, until futher notice, the things you may wish to know about me is in the left column! If you understand Norwegian, I have this personal site that I mentioned the hardship of writing a foreword to, you could investigate, though, there's nothing mind-blowing there.