John Frost-bite Slettjord (malmklang) - Kjeldebotn, Norway

About John Frost-bite Slettjord and Kent

I became aware of Kent around the year 2000 through a mention on the Korsfarer Forums (concerning Seigmen). Kent was supposed to be Sweden's answer to Seigmen, or, vice versa. So, I gave them a fair chance, being a huge Seigmen fan.

My entry point was Isola and I was, if not hooked from the first instrument sound, at the very least, intrigued enormously.

Then, for a couple of years I played their albums now and then and sometimes more often than that, without really getting to become a blood fan. Until 2002, when they released Vapen & ammunition, which also is my favorite album. That marked my year of becoming a really regular customer.

To be honest, I don't quite subscribe to the description of Kent being Sweden's version of Seigmen, although a few similarities are to be found. Both bands sing mostly in their mother tongue, both bands made translations of some of their work for a broader audience, and then returned to their mother tongue, discovering they didn't need to adjust the language to reach out, both bands are in the rock genre, both bands disolved, although Seigmen is reunited, and both bands dishes out some rather dark emotions and deep thoughts, but musically, other than dealing in rock, they differ a lot in my opinion. There will always be some similarities musically as well, but I find them to be of a lesser degree of importance, the musical similarities, that is.

Oh, one more similarity; they are probably both one of their countries' biggest groups. Granted, there are bigger acts in both Norway and Sweden, lest we forget ABBA or a-ha :D Funny how Annefrid was born in my home village, btw :)

I was scheduled to go see Kent for the first time in Kiruna last year, at their farewell tour, but my ex, who bought the tickets, and I split up, and it didn't feel right, so I didn't go :( My ex ex ex did, though, and bought me a t-shirt at the merch, and I'm loving it.

What about John Frost-bite Slettjord

Coming soon!

This is the hard part. I remember a couple of years back, I started working on my first personal homepage for a very long time. I'd mostly done service sites and helped on sites of aquaintances and friends, served as an internet handyman. When it got to the point where I had to write the introduction text, I was stuck for a great while.
I hate writing about myself and my life. I don't presume that my life is that interesting for other people than, well, my family, and perhaps not even them.

So, until futher notice, the things you may wish to know about me is in the left column! If you understand Norwegian, I have this personal site that I mentioned the hardship of writing a foreword to, you could investigate, though, there's nothing mind-blowing there.