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Seigmen offers a prize to us Author: John Slettjord Time: 15-12-2017 (00:23)

Mr. Řystein Ronander, manager of Seigmen, has kindly offered The Fan Archive Collective a signed singles box to be given to a randomly drawn lucky bastard of proportions upon the Seigmen Fan Archive reaching 50 members. The draw will be made using a programmed random machine located here: http://opelwerk.com/numbers.pl

It is my hope that we will get some really interesting stories in the 'about you and Seigmen' section of each fan profile, so please, spend a little time accounting how you discovered Seigmen and what Seigmen has meant for you since :)

Guestbooks added Author: John Slettjord Time: 11-12-2017 (14:54)

I've incorporated my dormant guestbook service into the Archive Collective. Each fan gets a guestbook packed with features. The guestbook can be switched off from the admin tasks and deleted altogether from the guestbook admin tasks. Instructions come within the signup mail from the system.