The Seigmen break-up interview.

Translated by malmklang from a VHS recorded interview done by the Norwegian TV channel, NRK2. Norsk versjon også tilgjengelig.

Interviewer: Why on earth is Seigmen going to split up now?
Sverre: Well, it's me leaving the band, you see... I've decided that life should be about other things than just playing in a band. My daughter is beginning school, amongst other things.. The travelling with the band.. I don't know, guess I'm getting old and tired...

Interviewer: How was it to give the band the notice about your decision, when you knew that decision would more than likely break up the whole band?
Sverre: Uhm, that was something I just had to do, it would be stupid to carry on in a band if you don't feel for it anymore, if your heart isn't in it anymore. It was never really a problem, I'm more concerned about the aftermath...
Alex: You mean like, Quisling (ed. comment: Infamous norwegian traitor during WW2), and stuff like that.... (ed. comment: Humorously said, of course).

Interviewer: And now you are going on a tour... a farewell tour... why?
Sverre: Because it is important to do this thing properly, say goodbye. We've touched quite a few people in Norway with our music..
Alex: In fact, we've had a few funny days following the announcement of us breaking up. A rush of people wanting to get a hold of us, trying to talk us into not breaking up. It's great to be given all this attention, but I think it's important to just call it quits, 6th of march is 100%, without a doubt, the last concert with Seigmen, ever!

Interviewer: No matter how much money you are offered?
Alex: Yes! We've already turned down a few big bucks, so, this is really it, last concert ever!!

Interviewer: Isn't it all somewhat saddening? Never play together again, as Seigmen?
Alex: Yes, very saddening, but...
Sverre: It's a crossroad ... or else ... it would be like we went through the motions, backwards, downwards, and in the end, we might end up hating each other, and quitting anyways. There's no point in that!

Interviewer: But, will the other members of Seigmen continue in some form, or way.. together?
Alex: Like I said, we must be allowed to this thing the right way, this farewell tour, before we decide what's gonna happen next.

News reporter: Today, the biggest music grant in Norway was handed out, and for the first time in the history of the grant, the Kassettavgiftsfondets musikkstipend was given to a rock band.
Narrator: The boys with the golden trousers (ed. comment: I do not think that's a reference to the song The man with the golden helmet)....... Just like that, are the five members of the rock band, Seigmen, 750 000 NOK richer!

Interviewer: You were given a considerable amount of money to help promote and launch a career outside of Norway, and after that, we haven't heard more about it... How has the launch worked out, really? Is it successful, or...
Alex: It has gone very well, the only reason for not making a fuzz about it is, ... we went to London, to record Radiowaves, and played two gigs also. Just like in our amateur days, no lights or anything, just US, kinda... to get a feel on how it was to be a local band again. And, of course, the norwegian journalists, blowing it completly out of proportion, claimed it to be the big England launch, and all hell broke loose.
Sverre: We still hear about it, how it all went sour in London, yeah!!
Alex: And that's not what it was, at all. Therefore, we decided it wasn't any point in telling what was going on with the band world-wise.
A lot has happened. We've played ... I mean, it's damn cool to play before a packed Sheppard Bush Empire, in London, with Gary Numan in the audience.

Interviewer: You are one of the first bands in Norway, whom've had an obvious focus on image, why?
Alex: We've always been kinda girlish, outside of the band too. It's been made an issue because we have the guts to own up to it, really...

Interviewer: Do you think Image is important, to gain international success?
Alex: I don't know, but I think it is... I like it when it is theatrical ... (laughter) ... wrong word... I mean, I like it to be more than just the music. It expresses more when you put on a show. And, it could lift, let's say, a shitty band, up to about average, to put it like that. Lights have saved us more than a few times :)
I think we have achieved quite a lot..
Sverre: Me too..
Alex: Golds records (ed. comment: Albums sold to Gold in Norway, 50 000 copies, if I'm not mistaken, and I might be :P),
two records at the number one slot in the VG charts (ed. comment: semi-resembling the american Billboard charts),
Spellemannsprisen (ed. comment: Kinda like the norwegian version of the grammy). Achieved a lot!! It's been great!!
It might sound like bragging, might sound like whatever... I'm not ashamed of saying that, I'm proud as hell!!
Sverre: We are quitting whilst on top, with all these great memories. Instead of continuing, reaching for higher goals, that we might not get to.....

Interviewer: Kjell Paulsen, NRK2.

Adapted for web usage 2004. (Edited 2007).