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Entry 15

11.06.2019 - at 11:34 Ŧ wrote:

rock and roll gfx gfx gfx

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christina niva mailto:lady_moon71INGENTINGSØ Blank
Entry 14

20.03.2014 - at 19:15 christina niva wrote:

pliizzz...come play here in Söråker-sweden....would love to see ya here gfx

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Entry 13

18.02.2012 - at 07:12 Birgit wrote:

Upeaa, fantastista! Teidän pitää tulla myös Suomeen! Ni måste absolut komma till Finland!!! Jag lysnar om o om igen Eadni Nieida o Aillohas gfx

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Entry 12

19.01.2011 - at 08:15 Kaari wrote:

I am your biggest fan! gfx
Ive tried everything to buy your CDs in the U.S. and nobody gfx can get them. Please, take pity on us, and sell your complete track MP3s on for download purchase! Intrigue is the best!

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Entry 11

09.01.2011 - at 18:27 Anna wrote:

Ville bara lägga en kommentar och säga att jag diggar er stenhårt! Klickade runt på Youtube för någon dag sedan och hittade er. Ni är fruktansvärt bra.
Keep up the good work and I hope Ill see you live sometime! gfx

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Entry 10

09.12.2010 - at 23:18 Arska wrote:

When will the next gig in Finland ??????

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Entry 9

29.11.2010 - at 18:28 Ann Catrin wrote:

Dokker e heavyjoikens-konga!! Heeeilt rå! :D Dokker MÅ kom til Bærgen og riv en konsært for oss!! På Inside eller Garage kanskje?! gfx Kom, kom, kooom!! gfx

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Entry 8

29.11.2010 - at 18:27 Ann Catrin wrote:

Dokker e heavyjoikens-konga!! Heilt rå! Dokker MÅ ta turen til Bergen og riv en konsært for oss! Kanskje på Inside eller Garage?! gfx Kom, kom, kom!!! gfx

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Entry 7

18.11.2010 - at 13:55 Asle wrote:

Sterkt, for frysninger av det gode slaget når jeg hører heavy joik. Som tungrockfan og natur/kultur-interessert møtes disse interessene i ett i deres musikk. Takk for god energi gfx

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Entry 6

17.11.2010 - at 11:59 Antoinette wrote:

I am very impressed by the singer of the band, in the song "Heavy joik".
What is his name? Is it Kai Somby? I searched in Wiki for it. I have created a video for your group with that tremendous excellent song, on mu youtube channel: . I hope you will enjoy it and if you have more information for me to add there: you are more than welcome!
Many greetings! And lots of success!!

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