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11.05.2004 - kl. 14:08 skrev Joyce Alig følgende:

Thank you for your correspondence about the early history of Alaska, and the meeting of the men from Ohio, on the trail in Alaska, with the reindeer herders, at the turn of the century.

I will look forward to the day that you translate your books into English.

I apologize for not knowing your language. You are the only person I know who lives in Norway.

Best wishes to you.

Joyce Alig, author
"Old Gold Rush to Alaska Diaries of 1898-1900," a true story of Ohioans and their Alaska gold propsecting in the Yukon, Koyukuk, Tanana & Cehna Rivers' Wilderness; told from their original, unpublished diaries, letters & photographs, within the context of Alaskan history.

President of the Mercer County Historical Society, in Ohio.

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