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Dragon tears Dean R. Koontz - All Fiction Novel Paper 1993 432


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"Koontz’s newest and best thriller to date…DRAGON TEARS is Dean Koontz’s literary blueprint for combining a razor-sharp, non-stop, suspenseful story with characters drawn from a keen understanding of human nature. But most of all, it showcases an exceptional ability to mix humor, fear and hope into a first-rate literary experience."

— The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Teaser of Dragon tears

Harry Lyon was a rational man, a cop who refused to let his job harden his soul. His partner urged him to surrender to the chaos of life. But Harry believed in order and reason. Then, one fateful day, he was forced to shoot a man—and a homeless stranger with bloodshot eyes uttered the haunting words that challenged Harry Lyon’s sanity…

“Ticktock, ticktock. You’ll be dead in sixteen hours… Dead by dawn… Dead by dawn… Dead by dawn…”