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Strange highways Dean R. Koontz - All Fiction Novel Paper 1995 624


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The King of Creep is back, not with a novel, however, but with his first collection of short fiction. Fourteen stories, two of which are actually novel length, provide Koontz with various venues for exploring eeriness. The title piece, one of the two very long works in the collection, is the tale of a young man's hallucinations; the other long story, entitled "Chase," is a dark, almost dank psychological suspense yarn. An out-and-out monster appears in the shorter "Black Pumpkin," and "Bruno" is a combination sf and detective story. Other stories take different approaches to tingling the reader's spine, but all are successful. Koontz's legion of fans won't be let down.

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You are about to travel along the strange highways of human experience: the adventures and terrors and failures and triumphs that we know as we make our way from birth to death, along the routes that we choose for ourselves and along others onto which we are detoured by fate. It is a journey down wrong roads that can lead to unexpectedly and stunningly right destinations…into subterranean depths where the darkness of the human soul breeds in every conceivable form…over unfamiliar terrain populated by the denizens of hell. It is a world of unlikely heroes, haunted thieves, fearsome predators, vengeful children, and suspiciously humanlike robots.